Exclusion Monoprotein Veterinary Diet Formula Intestinal is a diet food with a monoprotein formulation, made with a single alternative animal protein source and other innovative ingredients, all preserved with natural tocopherols. Available for different sizes, it is a nutritional solution for veterinarians looking to provide nutritional support for dog with gastrointestinal disease, maldigestion and malabsorption.

    Nutritional support for dogs with gastrointestinal disease, maldigestion and malabsorption
    Single animal protein source to minimize the risk of food intolerances and dehydrated ingredients for a greater supply of nutrients
  • 1+1
    Formulated with a single dehydrated animal protein source and single carbohydrate source
    ß-Glucans strengthen the intestinal barriers and yeasts provide high nutritional value
    Balanced blend of soluble and insoluble fibre, which rebalances intestinal transit, holding back excess water
  • FOS
    Improve the development of beneficial intestinal flora at expense of pathogenic one
  • MOS
    Promote the intestinal health binding to pathogenic bacteria and encouraging their elimination
    Only natural antioxidants to preserve food from oxidative damage

Feeding instruction: it’s recommended that a veterinarian’s opinion be sought before use. Feed the correct daily amount shown below according to dog’s size as the only food source.

Recommended use time:1-2 weeks during periods of recovery from acute diarrhea until resolved; 3-12 weeks for compensation of maldigestion, but lifetime in the case of chronic pancreatic insufficiency.